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Safe Key Shop Atlanta, GA 404-479-7857Keys bear the brunt of being continuously used for years together. Although built in a sturdy way, the wear and tear brought upon by innumerable use and long years have their impact on keys. Constant abrasion caused due to turning inside the locks may make the keys to crack over time. When key breaks and you have the pieces, it is fine to get it replaced. But what if your key broke in lock? As a portion of the key is stuck with your lock, you don’t stand a chance to use a spare key. It is on such occasions that Safe Key Shop comes to your rescue in Atlanta, GA. We assist clients in such unanticipated emergencies related to broken keys.


What causes a key to break?

However strong the key has been built, constant use is sure to take its toll. Main reasons why you may face the issue are:

  1. Presence of ‘weak points’: Keys consist of grooves and deep cuts on their structure while being created. These are the vulnerable spots that give in after long-term use. These spots tend to develop cracks which later cause a key to snap.
  2. Use of light weight materials: Several keys that are purchased from hardware stores may be made of cheap and thin material which may not be best suited for enduring use. This delicate material gives in to formation of cracks that lead to keys being deformed or broken over time.

Key trouble? Call in the experts

With a key broke in lock, there is not much you can do. By trying to pry open the lock in an attempt to extract the broken piece of key, you may end up inadvertently damaging the entire lock. Alternatively, you may take the smart decision to call for professional help. This saves you the trouble to go through a complex process that is not warranted to succeed, while our skilled technicians will do it as if it were a piece of cake.

Why choose Safe Key Shop?

In case you have a key broke in lock, it requires a least intrusive and non-destructive procedure to fix it. Safe Key Shop team has lockmasters with experience in extracting broken keys without causing damage to the lock. They craft a new key set as well, on the spot, ensuring that you don’t have key breakage issue later.

If your key broke in the lock, contact Safe Key Shop for help immediately on 404-479-7857.